Abstract and Op-Art

Benefits of Volunteering

Use your skills and talents to volunteer helping the elderly, mentally or physically disabled at nursing homes, daycare, or hospitals. Helping them create their own masterpieces, using a variety of senses is a great way to use your artistic God-given talents.

Abstract and Op-Art

Benefit of the Arts


The arts enrich the lives of both artists and audience. We can enjoy the talents of others, embracing the arts through a variety of senses, or we can bring joy to others by becoming an artist, musician or dancer. Experimenting with canvas and paintbrush can help you get in touch with your creative side, so don’t put it off any longer. If your dream has been to take voice, or dance lessons, it is never too late. Perhaps you have imagined playing the piano or other musical instrument; now is the time to start.

Art has a positive influence on us, and may improve our health as well, because art and music have been linked to lower blood pressure, improved mood, and a number of other benefits.

Art is attending a gallery to see the work of a featured artist, listening to a talented street musician playing a musical instrument, or watching the ballet performed beautifully on stage. Here are some ways you can bring the arts into your life.

Visual art can include painting, drawing, sculpting, and photography. Creating a masterpiece on a blank canvas, getting your hands dirty to design a one-of-a-kind clay piece of pottery, or picking up a camera and capturing a moment in time are ways to express your inner voice. To be inspired, attend galleries and museums, or search the web for ideas. Never copy another artist, create original pieces that express your voice and style.

Music can be shared at a concert or as part of a play on stage. Voice lessons will help you learn how to read music and breathe properly. Or simply do what I do – enjoy the music and sing in the shower.

Dance is about being self-expressive, allowing the music to move you. Even if you do not have rhythm or know all the latest dance moves, the benefits of moving to music are many. I love cleaning the house with powerful energizing music. I get a workout while trying out some new moves. To learn dance styles, join a gym or dance studio and take regular classes. Be prepared to have fun while burning calories and getting fit. Watch the stress of the day evaporate.

Art therapy is a way to heal the mind or body by exposure to any of the art forms or producing art itself. The arts can be therapeutic for people suffering from a variety of physical, mental, or emotional problems and disorders. Some of the benefits are:

.Reduced Stress
.Decreased Depression
.Reduced Anxiety
.Improved Mood
.Help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
.Help Stroke Patients Recover Motor Skills
.Reduced Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
.Help With Alzheimer and Dementia Patients
.Increased Circulation

Make time to enjoy the arts with family and friends and create memories that are lasting. Treat yourself to a performance or experience the many forms of art available in your area. The therapeutic and health benefits may extend your life and help you form closer bonds with others. Make art, music, and dance a part of your daily routine and experience the joy of the arts.

Ro Martinez Rimes is an Op-Art and Abstract artist.